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Taiwan Microelectronics Technologies Inc. has only been established for seven years and does not have the capital of some of the giants in the field.

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2012/09/03 TM6111 2.4GHz one watt high power indoor booster pack

 TM6111   2.4GHz one watt high power indoor booster pack including power adaptor, RF cable and a booster with AL house in color box.

2012/09/03 TM2009 2.4GHz RF Front End IC in QFN-4x4mm-20L package

 TM2009   2.4GHz RF front End IC includes 2 RF switches, 1 PA and 1 LNA in QFN-4x4mm-20L package

2012/07/04 TM2015 2.4GHz RF High Power Transceiver MCM Module on 10x12mm Carrier

 TM2105    2.4GHz RF high power Transceiver MCM Module with LDO and Crystal Oscillator on 10x12mm Carrier

2012/06/04 Computex Taipei 2012 June 5-9 in Hall 1 A0403. Successfully close



Broadband Taiwan 2010

Broadband Taiwan 2010 has stepped into its third year as a trade fair focusing on wireless, broadband, FTTx, communication components, products and services. Taiwan suppliers, who rank global NO.1 in cable modem, WLAN NIC, DSL CPE, VoIP Router, IP Phone and IP STB…will gather at this exclusive platform showcasing the best solution to your sourcing needs! 



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